I wish I could sew…

I wish I could sew!

Now is a better time than any to start! Sewing is not hard if you can just get started. Nobody started off sewing garments that were perfect. We all had to start somewhere, and I know for a fact people with years of experience are STILL learning.

Don’t count yourself out before you even start. Walmart and Target have great and affordable starter machines and notions! I actually get my replacement needles from Walmart because they are always like $1.50, as opposed to specialty stores that charge almost $3.

There are free tutorials all over the internet, to not only help you thread your machine, but to get you started on your very first garment. Check out our suggestions for getting started by clicking the Sew New page above! If you want to get into sewing or if you are curious, don’t psych yourself out! Dive in, the sewing community is huge, and from my experience extremely supportive.

The sewing community has so many neighborhoods, you can fit in any and everywhere. Whether you are into quilting, and trust me quilting goes beyond grandma’s old quilt. Do you like thrifting and refashioning? Sewing clothes for your children or children/babies in general? Maybe you have a goal of creating a brand new wardrobe for yourself! Whatever your cup of tea, sewing can provide it for you.

Start with a google or youtube search for what you are interested in creating. You can even search the #sewing tag on Instagram. Find your inspiration, find your courage, your support is already here waiting!


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