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I hope you all are doing amazing. I am ridiculously excited about this challenge. As most of you know Scandal comes on in a few days. Whether you are a fan or not you've heard of Olivia Pope. We here at PGS are challenging all of our PGS Family to do Thee Scandal Challenge: Olivia Pope. We want you to create an Olivia Pope inspired look. At least one piece of your ensemble needs to be made by you.

Ladies! We here at PGS are all about motivating each other. This time it has nothing to do with sewing. It is all about getting fit, healthy and sexy! We have all decided to work out together starting on Sunday. We will be doing the following workout: Okay so this will be a two week trial to see if you like what I'm bringing!

With August already here, August being the Sunday before Autumn begins! This month's sew along is all about heat, flame, and fire! This is the month to go all out with reds, oranges and yellows! We are so excited about this.

For the past few years I have been seeing The Statement Necklace done well and some done very well! I am an absolute fan of them because it can turn a simple white tank, jeans and heels into a well put together ensemble. Hell, you can even throw some ballet flats in there, and still have a great look. They are usually bold in color or shapes, and pretty much does what their names says, makes a statement!

quote_reinvent Hi there! We hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July, filled with love, fun, and good food! Because this month's sew along is all about rediscovering, reinventing and refashioning, we decided to provide you with even more inspiration!

I am here to make a confession! It may be shocking to some, while others may think "I am not alone!" I have a strong lust in my heart for Leather! Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, I am loving this leather in the summer time. I (Nell) currently live in the South, so it get's "Devil's Bath Water" hot here during the summer. I sweat in cotton, but I can not get Leather in the Summer out of my head. I am not the only one in love with this fad!

I am a huge fan of KTRstyle! She is always so damn stylish! I was browsing her site earlier today and came across a post about overalls. I have not put on a pair of overalls in so long. I honestly think the last time I had them on, the word teen was in my name and I was under 15.