Sweater Season!

Sweater Season!

I absolutely adore Autumn/Fall. It is just right. Cold enough for layers and boots, but warm enough you don’t need a jacket. Fall fashion is my favorite also. I was perusing my addiction the other day: Pinterest, and saw these fabulous finds…Let me warn you, I have not worn a sweater like this since 5th Grade –



How ridiculously adorable? I went thrifting the other day, after stopping at Jo’s (Joanns) to get poms. I am thinking about using the pre-made poms for this first run, and then doing the yarn made puffs for other sweaters. I am so excited. I am going to use the following DIY from iSpyDIY for my sweater: (Click photo to view tutorial)



If you do one, please submit, I will create a post showing off our Pom Sweaters! Happy DIYin! I will post photos of my creations once they are done!


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