RAE Sponsor Spotlight: Boo in Stitches

RAE Sponsor Spotlight: Boo in Stitches

Hi there! We’re Boo in Stitches – a collaboration between ink and thread. Between a sister who draws and a sister who sews. Colleen is the drawer. She owns her own business called Pinwheel Print Shop where she sells cards, calendars, and prints. Shannon is the sewer. She also owns her own business called Little Luvins, selling handmade goods for babies and toddlers.


We were happily working away at our new businesses, but wanted to figure out a way to work together. We started meeting at our local coffee shop every week for what we coined, “Creative Tuesdays.” We would brainstorm ideas, laugh, sketch out concepts, laugh, drink coffee, laugh, and get giddy when it seemed to be coming together.
We decided to start with sewing prints. Shannon selfishly noticed that there weren’t a ton of options out there to decorate her sewing space. We listed out all of the sewing terms we could think of (well, Shannon did) and then tried to figure out ways to make them funny (we’ve got pages and pages waiting in the wings). Once we had our favorites, Colleen sketched all of the lettering and images for the prints, so they are one of a kind.
Why Boo in Stitches? Boo, because that has been Colleen’s nickname since she was a baby (and she still hasn’t managed to drop it as an adult). Shannon and her sewing skills bring the “stitches”. And combined, describes the laughing and giggling that takes place every single time we’re together.
We aren’t sure where this new adventure will take us, but we are excited to be doing it together. We hope you’ll join us on this crazy journey. Shop our prints at booinstitches.com.
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