RAE: 6th Challenge

RAE: 6th Challenge

The  of the competition has begun, and 4 ladies are continuing on! These challenges are not getting any easier, so you don’t want to miss out! Remember to keep checking back, so you can vote on your favorite look! The ladies will win an amazing prize pack that will include gifts from our amazing sponsors such as Fiskars, Fashionary, Boo in Stiches and more!

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6th Challenge below:

Free to choose a pattern of their choice, the contestants must create a garment without using fabric. They can use muslin as a base, but that is about it.

Once the ladies have submitted their looks, you will get a chance to vote.
Keep checking back, and don’t forget to subscribe so you can find out when the submissions are open for voting!

Best of Luck to all of you ladies!

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