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Ladies! We here at PGS are all about motivating each other. This time it has nothing to do with sewing. It is all about getting fit, healthy and sexy! We have all decided to work out together starting on Sunday. We will be doing the following workout:

Okay so this will be a two week trial to see if you like what I’m bringing!

You can go lighter if its too hard or push yourself if you feel you can go harder!

With the stop watch you’ll be using that for the exercises you’ll be doing, each one will be for a minute’s time!

MAKE SURE YOU WARM UP PRIOR TO DOING ANY OF THESE WORKOUT’S, i.e stretch, some jump and jacks SOMETHING for about 5mins!
*Get a stop watch or use your phone so you can keep track of your times!

If something is too easy, use some weight. Free weights, canned goods, books – whatever you have around.

Week One and Two:


1 minute intervals (meaning do each one of these exercises for one whole minute before going to the next one!)
3 rotation through (2 minute break between each full rotation completed)

Push-ups (if you have to do them on your knees that is fine make sure if you do to touch your chest to the ground)
Crunches (make sure your shoulder comes off the ground)
Squats (use 5pd weight holding in between your legs)
Arm Circles (make sure to not take these for granted TRUST ME they work)
Sit-ups (use your couch to hold your feet, make sure to come all the way up and back down)
Wall-sits (when you do wall sits its GOING TO BURN, that’s how you know your doing it right try and think of something other than the burn, make sure your legs and butt are lined up)
Bicep Curls (using your 5pd weights make sure to watch your breathing and form, even though your body is aching your form is IMPORTANT! Take your time catch your breath do them correctly)
Plank (KEEP YOUR BUTT DOWN! If your stomach is burning and your legs hurt take a QUICK break and get back to it! Your goal is a whole MINUTE!)

Cool down for 5-10mins make sure to hydrate


1 minute intervals
3 rotation through (5min break between each full rotation completed)

20mins:jogging in place or if you can outside or treadmill

Jumping jacks (if you need to take a break between do so but get back into it!)
Mountain Climbers (make sure you don’t mess up your form if you feel yourself getting tired before time is up take a break but get back to it!)
Bicycle Crunches (bring your knee to your elbow each time!!)
Long Arm Crunches (Its a crunch with your arms straight out so when you come up they should be parallel to the ground)
Donkey Kicks (rotate your leg on each one bring your leg up as far back as you can on each one you should feel it in your ass and thighs)
Side Lunges (using your weigh hold them in your hands and lung from side to side try to go as deep as you can and hold it for a second before returning position)
Scissors (lay on the ground and keep your back flat as you can on the floor bring your legs up and focus on your breathing as you swing your legs up and down)
Push-ups (remember if you can’t do regular do female one’s keeping your form and chest touching)

Cool down: 5-10mins

Keep us posted on your progress! We will do the same! Don’t forget to eat clean, take your vitamins (multi-vitamins, CLA, fish oil etc.), and keep it up. Even starting out with one rotation is better than doing nothing! 

You can only get better!

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