June 2015: PGS Freestyle

June 2015: PGS Freestyle


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Meet Chidi Ike-Egbuonu
Instagram: chichi.winkles, zichie_designs

What is your overall opinion of this month’s challenge?
I really enjoyed it.
This gave me a chance to work on something for me and make a dent (although only slight) in my fabric stash. My stylist from memkoh.com is trying to change this but I like black and I know summer generally calls for bright colors so this African print fabric was perfect (I think) and the yellow organza was an extra dash of sunshine :).

What did you enjoy most?
The pattern I picked was indeed Easy (New Look 6342) – 5 pattern pieces and straightforward instructions.

What did you like least?
The organza’s sharp cut edges.

The cut edges didn’t get softer even with washing so I was careful to enclose all seams and I used black binding on the arm hole for comfort.

I do think it was till a good choice over chiffon (my 2nd choice) because of the stiffness – made it stand out from the dress a bit more.

Would you sew it again?

Learn anything new? Any advice for others working on this project?
I’ll say you don’t always have to follow the steps as outlined exactly on the pattern or in the tutorial, if you use any of those.
My advice is to read through (or listen) till the end and when you have an idea of what to expect, decide if you can change some steps. I did the shoulder seams differently from what was instructed and I think I like it better my way. My way, you don’t see the seam allowance of the chiffon on the shoulders and it doesn’t look like it’s a top worn over a dress (that won’t be bad either).


Quick Reminder!

July is Thrift Store Couture! Start cruising your local thrift stores for good finds or something you can revamp and remix, can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

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