July 2015: Thrift Store Couture

July 2015: Thrift Store Couture


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Meet Bridget Sullivan
Instagram: thebridgetshow

What is your overall opinion of this month’s challenge?
Awesome! I love using recycled and eco-friendly materials for my designs. This was right up my alley!

What did you enjoy most?
I liked the challenge of completely transforming a dated garment into something relevant for today’s fashion, and creating a one-of-a-kind art piece.

What did you like least?
The process of designing and creatine is completely positive, I have nothing negative to say about the process.


Would you sew it again?

Learn anything new? Any advice for others working on this project?
This was the first time I used acrylic paints on a vintage garment. This was so much fun, I loved experimenting and creating a new technique. My advice for someone choosing a garment to paint on is pick something light colored and heavy fabric enough to paint on, as paint can weigh down lightweight fabrics.




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