How to Find your Signature Style [by BR Design]

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Do you feel inferior to the leading ladies in your niche? Does your work look weak compared to theirs? Do you crave just a glimmer of the attention their work gets?

Here is why you shouldn’t: they have been honing their skills for years now. It has taken them years of creating crap to start creating amazing things!

And you must go through the same process.

The world doesn’t really care what you create. It sounds harsh, but it’s actually a good thing! You don’t want the world noticing your amateur work, you want the world to notice your amazing stuff. While you’re unknown, you can experiment with different styles and ideas. You can figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Meet interesting people and learn from them. Create the things you want to create, when you want to create them.

You don’t have a reputation to uphold, paychecks to make, taxes to pay, or huge clients to please.

This time of obscurity is one that won’t last very long, so make the most of it. Take this time to find your signature style!

I know it’s a lot easier said than done to find your signature style, so here are a few funky tips I fleshed out from my own experience:
  • Create a secret pin board on Pinterest and pin every image that makes you think ‘I want to make something like that!’ So, for example, if you’re a graphic designer then pin the work of your favorite designers. Soon you’ll have a board full of the kind of work you want to create, in the style that speaks to you.
  • Experiment, experiment, experiment! The only way you’re going to find your edge is by experimenting with lots of different styles. And if your experiment doesn’t turn out how you imagined, don’t become disheartened! As a friend of mine says, ‘It could fail, and that’s ok. Great creations have always required great risk. Experiment, because experiments don’t fail, they either prove or disprove a point.’
  • Last, but toooooootally not least, once you’ve filled the Pinterest board we talked about in the first step, whip out a notebook. Note down the similarities between every pin. When I was trying to find my signature style and I created my pin board, I noticed that every pin included flat design, vibrant colours, simplicity and modern typography. I knew instantly that this was my style, and that I needed to reinforce these elements in every piece that I created.


I’d love to hear what your signature style is! In the comments, let me know….


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