How do they do that?

I have always loved painting my nails and doing DIY manicures. I am not sure how many of you have this issue, but my right hand paints my left hand PERFECTLY, but when it comes to the left doing the right, whew, it gets ugly!

I find myself on Pinterest looking at amazing manicures, don’t believe me? Look!


Hilariously enough there are blogs dedicated to horrible nail art! I find it hilarious because my handy work could definitely be showcased on there!

Here are a few:

I was looking into painting my own soon (or getting them done professionally) because they are getting really long. I love the stiletto nail, and I am a really big fan of how nude and black looks together.

Tarnished metallics are supposed to be in this fall! Keep a look out. Meanwhile, if you suck at polishing your nails, here is a gold star from me to you!

You are NOT alone! Welcome to the club + Happy Painting!

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