Feb 2019 Self-Love Sewalong 💕

Ohh Lulu Self Love Sewalong

Feb 2019 Self-Love Sewalong 💕

Welcome to the Self-Love Sewalong

This month’s theme is Self-Love! While the RAE competition is underway, we wanted to do something fun and personable with everyone else. You never really know how important self-love is until you start doing it.

A part of self-love is doing something special for yourself. Something that will make you feel like the very embodiment of unconditional love. So, with that said, we have partnered up with Sarah of Ohhh Lu Lu, whom we absolutely adore to provide you with this month’s sew along!

Oh Lulu - DIY Lingerie

We thought it best to give you ladies free reign to choose the pattern that is going to make you feel like the goddess you are! We’re so excited AND Sarah has blessed us with a 25% Off Code: PRETTYGIRLSEW25
Please be advised: Copy the link AS IS. There is one S in the code, NOT two. The code expires on Feb. 15th, so don’t dally.

We can’t wait to see what you ladies come up with. You can either present it to us as a flat lay, or if you are comfortable, WEAR IT AND SHOW OFF! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #prettygirlssew #selflovesewalong on social media to show your WIP shots and inspiration!

For those of you who may want a more modest option, we have chosen: M6659

Love and abundance creativity! And another huge burst of gratitude to Sarah of OhhLulu!
Please submit by March 1.

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