Inspire: Sew Challenges

For the month of September, Tabitha has chosen the Autumn inspired Simplicity Cynthia Rowley Pattern 2406. The Theme is Autumn/Fall. We are looking forward to seeing everyone's creations. Please read important information below. Project Deadline: September 30th Next Project Lead: PGS Ladies - Happy Halloween Project Guide lines: Fabric can cost no more...

I wish I could sew! Now is a better time than any to start! Sewing is not hard if you can just get started. Nobody started off sewing garments that were perfect. We all had to start somewhere, and I know for a fact people with years of experience are STILL learning. Don't count yourself out before you even start. Walmart and Target have great and affordable starter machines and notions! I actually get my replacement needles from Walmart because they are always like $1.50, as opposed to specialty stores that charge almost $3.