August 2015 Spotlight: Trish

August 2015 Spotlight: Trish

Meet Trish

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I like the Spotlight/ Show Off opportunity that Pretty Girls Sew has given us. I already like the fact that the organization has brought many of us together. I spend most of my time at home and all of it with my kids. Meeting other sewists has given me a “virtual” social life where I can talk about what I love and not have to find a babysitter. I started sewing seriously last fall as a way to escape my kids. I just wanted a few hours to myself on Saturdays to learn how to create clothing and socialize with other women and mothers. I now have my own space, which I have only recently gotten organized, where I can shut my door, zone out and make things. I am not only interested in sewing. I love drawing and making jewelry as well. I’ll try any creative outlet at least once.

The pattern I used in the picture is McCall’s 6514. Of all the patterns I’ve sewn so far, this is my favorite. My style is comfortable. My clothing doesn’t have to be cute, it just needs to be comfortable. I deal with two boys who run me ragged day in and day out, so I need clothing that will keep up with the insanity. I love the fabric I chose for the pants because of the giraffes. But I also love that they are comfortable. I can wear them out and about or just lounge around the house in them.

Learn anything new? Any advice for others working on this project?
My advice is to find something you love and do it. It is always easy to find excuses, especially when you have a family driving you crazy in the background. But as women, it is important for us to find that happy place, whether it be sewing, crafting, cooking, biking, hiking, or whatever. I have to remind myself every day that I deserve me-time and I deserve happiness. Don’t feel guilty about taking a moment to breathe and enjoy life. Also, don’t forget to uplift other women (and people in general) in your life. It costs nothing to be nice and in the end will make you feel better.



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