April 2015: PGS Quiltathon (continued)

The PGS Quiltathon must go on!

— April 2015: PGS Quiltathon (continued)

First off, a very very Happy Birthday to my fellow Aries: Tess

With April being my birthday month (Nell, the 12th to be exact) and I am too excited!

Anyway, because we don’t want anyone rushing, and want to extend the creative opportunity to anyone who could not start last month; I am happy to announce the PGS Quiltathon is still in full effect! If you joined in last month, and need more time to finish (making quilts is no joke) then please take April to keep on truckin’ and finish up your beautiful quilt!

For those that could not join in last month, but would love to start now, this is your moment. Remember you don’t have to make a large quilt, there are also mini-quilts that can be made and used for office or home decor!

Happy Quilting and blessings and luck to all the RAE Participants!

Your quilts are due May 1, 2015!


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