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Pretty Girls Sew - The Tribe

5x The Talent + 5x The Love

The Pretty Girls Sew Tribe is dedicated to everything sewing. Our gem, The Rippin’ Ain’t Easy Sewing Competition, has been providing a platform for sewing enthusiasts to show off or get a little SEWShine for their amazing creations. Our tribe includes a variety of sewing enthusiast. All backgrounds and skill levels have graced us their their creations.

Pretty Girls Sew (PGS) is a sewing community founded in 2013. Five women who are avid sewers and DIY enthusiasts were inspired by an amazing printable by HJD Studio. Go check her out! 

How did we all meet?
We all met through Instagram. Nell met Tab, then Miesha, then Ye through the #sewing hashtag and connected with Tess through her Tattoo artist… all on intstagram.


How did Pretty Girls Sew get started?
Pretty Girls Sew started base on a picture that was posted on Instagram. The image says “Pretty Girls Like to Sew”. Through that picture, and idea sparked about starting a group that do sew-alongs and just like that, Pretty Girls Sew was born in April 2013.


Owner of Yetunde Sarumi

Dir. of PR + Outreach

Born and Raised in Nigeria, but now lives in Maryland. Works as a Talent Advisor full time. Ye learned how to hand sew at the age of 8, which was also the last time she made a garment until 2011 when she hand sew a pleated skirt for an event she was going to. Then began her first sewing class the following year and she hasn’t stopped sewing ever since.


An Aud Gyal from an Aud Culture

Creative Director

Originally from Brooklyn, New York and now lives in North Carolina. All her life either her mom, aunt or grandmother was making something/creating something! Nell’s family is full of professional seamstresses, so you could say its in her blood. She is a professional Graphic Designer, but when she is not creating on screen, she is either sewing, crafting or doing some sort of DIY!


The Creative Mind behind TJ Sewer Clothing

Dir. of Marketing + Photography

Starting out as a Thrifting blogger, started sewing in 2013 and haven’t stopped sewing since. She grew up around her mother sewing countless beautiful gowns and articles of clothing for people including friends and local celebrities. In the Fall of 2012, her mother suggested a sewing machine for her while shopping in JoAnn’s and she purchased her very first one and the rest is history.


The Lady of Semi Southern

Chief Operations Officer

Originally from Seattle, Washington and now resides in Texas with her 2 daughters. In January 2013, Miesha took on teaching herself how to sew. Sewing for Miesha has become an outlet to combine all of her creative juices! She said, “In sewing I can just shut out the world and be free, I love that feeling!”

Meet the Ladies


Sunshine and Travel Miles with I’m Just Tess

Chief Operations Officer

Originally from Washington, DC and now resides in Texas. In 2010, Tess began her love affair with the creative arts. Initially she began with cosmetology and beauty, transitioning into the world of photography and modeling. Recently she found a new passion for sewing and DIY projects.